You can go to a beer festival without leaving home - here's how

With many events around the world being postponed or cancelled, it's unlikely that any big communal gatherings will be happening in the near future - and that includes beer festivals.

Lucky for beer fans, craft beer discovery club, Beer52, has announced that it will host an online beer festival called Cyber Fest, to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

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When will it take place?

Taking place on Friday 17 April 2020, between 6pm and 10pm, ticket holders for Cyber Fest will receive a case of 12 craft beers in advance.

These can then be sampled alongside the live streamed beer festival, during which Richard Croasdale  (editor of Beer52’s in-house magazine, Ferment) will conduct virtual, back-to-back tastings and Q&A sessions with the brewers behind each beer in the box.

Which brewers are taking part?

Some of the brewers taking part include Mikkel Borg-Bjergsø of Danish brewery Mikkeller, as well as Northern Monk, Boundary, Salt, Gipsy Hill, Tiny Rebel, Buxton x Verdant, Dark Revolution, and Wild Beer Co.

The project is a chance to support these breweries at a challenging time, when all physical beer festivals have been cancelled. Independent brewers are also facing a huge decline in orders, due to pubs being closed. Beer52 will be paying each of the breweries taking part in the festival upfront to help their cash flow.

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How to get tickets

You can buy your festival ticket online for £29.99, any time before Sunday 12 April 2020. Beer52 will then ship out your case of 12 craft beers, alongside a beer list and schedule to follow during the festival, and details on how to access the live stream.

How to join in

On Friday 17 April, at 6pm, get your crate of beers out of the fridge and - following the instructions outlined in the festival schedule - access the live stream to Cyber Fest.

What is Beer52?

Beer52 is the world’s largest beer subscription service with over 100,000 members. They deliver a themed case of craft beers from the best microbreweries across the globe each month.

Founded back in the summer of 2013, Beer52 was inspired by a motorcycle road trip that its founder, James Brown, took with his Dad. Stopping at breweries throughout the UK and Europe along the way, he found his love of craft beer.

He set out to visit a new country every month in search of the best beers. Having now shared beers with Beer52’s members from the likes of South Africa, California, South Korea and Germany.

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