Planning: Kineton developer given permission for relocated bin store

A property developer’s decision to relocate a bin store without the necessary permission has been allowed because it improved the living conditions in a Kineton flat.

Ofir Chen explained that he made the changes while work was being carried out at the properties at Woodley House on the Warwick Road in the village.

His decision to move the structure away from the main properties and into the car park was condemned by local parish councillor Cllr David Gosling who urged members of Stratford District Council’s planning committee to take action when they considered the application at their meeting this on Wednesday June 9.

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But instead they approved the new location as long as the floor of the bin store was changed to something more suitable - concrete or hardstanding rather than stone chippings.

Mr Chen told the meeting: “It was during the construction phase that I decided that moving the bin area to its current location would improve the quality and usable space of flat seven at Woodley House.

“Without moving it, the bin area would have been oddly placed in someone’s garden in a strange L-shaped form and multiple bins would be closer to a person’s house.

“I moved it in the knowledge that it would cause no impact or harm to the car parking area, have no effect on the number of car parking spaces - which is ten - the turning and manoeuvring of the cars and of course the two disabled parking spaces.

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“I have worked together with the planning officer, streets team and environmental team to bring forward a recommendation for approval.”

Cllr Gosling had earlier urged committee members to take action.

He said: “We [Kineton Parish Council] would really encourage the district council to consider that retrospective applications such as this one should be subject to a penal charge.

“To say that the latest design is ‘more logical’, an ‘improvement’ and ‘without imposing on the parking’ - and I am quoting from the application - is, to say the least, inaccurate.

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“Please refuse this application and request that the conditions of the consented development are complied with.”

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of granting permission for the store in its new location.