Barrow owners unite for stone swap

The owners of all four modern barrows, including the Mid England Barrow between Claydon and Fenny Compton, met for the first time this month.

By Stuart Prestidge
Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 10:53 am
Tim Ashton, Tim Daw, Richard Squire and Richard Beeby at Mid-England Barrow
Tim Ashton, Tim Daw, Richard Squire and Richard Beeby at Mid-England Barrow

The meeting of Tim Daw, owner of All Cannings Long Barrow, Richard Squire of Willow Row in Cambridgeshire and Tim Aston from Soulton Hall all met at Richard Beeby’s Mid-England Barrow near Claydon for the very first time.

Each owner had brought a stone from their barrow, ancient burial chambers not built in England for 5,000 years, to be presented to all the other owners.

These will then be included into each others burial mounds, creating a poignant link between them and their modern day take on ancient constructions.

The stones after inclusion into the Mid England Barrow

Mid-England Barrow owner Richard said: "The builders have carefully considered the positioning of these significant stones.

"When the build is completed at the end of June visitors will be able to appreciate the tiny pieces of history held within the structure."

Co-owner Sarah Smart added: "It's a lovely gesture, and we hope the tradition will be carried on with future Barrow owners."

The inclusion of the stones follows the insertion of a time capsule by pupils from Dassett CofE Primary School in May, that will not be unearthed for 100 years.

Head builder Joby Wheatley said: "I don't so much plan a place for the special stones, they find their own position given the shape, colour and significance."