Top comic to bring his brain show to The Mill

Rob Newman will be appearing at the Mill Arts Centre in Banbury in February. NNL-151120-144716001
Rob Newman will be appearing at the Mill Arts Centre in Banbury in February. NNL-151120-144716001

After a sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe and across the UK in 2014, one of Britain’s finest comedians is finally back on the road with some brand new and hilarious material.

Rob Newman is set to bring his Brain Show to Banbury’s The Mill Arts Centre in February of the new year, where he will take a sceptical approach to some of the grand claims made by neuroscience.

Seeking answers to complicated questions about the human brain, Rob will capture the audience’s attention with his passion for combining scientific arguments with his witty rapore.

“What the show does is take a sceptical stance towards some of the grand claims advanced by neuroscience,” says Rob, “so it’s exploring everything from the neurobiology of romantic love to the thought-processes of stripy spiders.

“I talk about Stonehenge, robot co-workers, the right hemisphere of Paul Weller, the evolutionary origins of smiles and laughter...

“There’s also a tricky, insinuating character called Brian Scanlon, and my doomed attempts to impress a neuroscientist called Natasha.”

The Brain Show also features some weird and wonderful electronic props - including a live brain-imaging electroencephalograph (EEG) hat, which gives the audience a read-out of Rob’s fluctuating mental state during the show.

When he is not performing live stand-up, Rob’s time is taken up with writing and radio work.

His fascinating book The Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution was released last month and has already been adapted into a BBC radio 4 series.

Rob added: “One of the strengths of the radio show is its mix of stand-up and sketch. Most stand-ups can’t write sketches, while most sketch/character comics can’t do stand-up. The radio show does both, and in a way, so does The Brain Show, as I think my stand-up is influenced by my years of writing sketches and characters.”

Rob Newman is scheduled to appear at The Mill on Friday February 26 at 8pm.

Tickets cost £15 each.To book in advance or to discover more information, go to: or call the box office on 01295 279002.