Chenderit student spends summer treading the boards

Kiran Long on stage NNL-160809-115534001
Kiran Long on stage NNL-160809-115534001

While many students took to their games consoles or whiled away the summer holidays on family vacations, one Chenderit student took a big step in fulfilling his career aspirations.

Kiran Long, from Banbury, was one of just 300 chosen from well over 1,000 applicants across the UK to participate in the Youth Music Theatre’s summer program.

The charity helps young performers across the UK and Ireland reach their full potential and showcase their talent at a national level.

To get selected Kiran had to undertake an arduous auditioning process. He said: “I was tested in all three components of performing arts - drama, singing and dance, as well as leadership skills and improvisation.

“The whole process took three hours and took place in the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford. I had to learn a dance, perform a song and recite part of a script.”

Kiran then spent two weeks in Scotland preparing for a stage play. Kiran said: “The show was called ‘Maelstrøm’. It is about a mannequin with a camera as it records its journey down a whirlpool in the ocean.

“When I was there I worked with many professionals and met many other young performers like me. The show was performed twice after a two week long course at Aberdeen College.”

As well as providing invaluable experience and confirming Kiran’s talent the adventure could play a vital role in his future plans.

Kiran said: “At the end of the course I achieved a Trinity Grade 8 for Musical Theatre in Production. As well as being accepted onto the course, the grade will also look impressive on my future CV.

“As a result of the event, I have many more connections with others that are competing in the industry; this will be beneficial to me for the future.

“Overall, this was an amazing opportunity and I hope many more will follow. I am extremely excited to see what the future holds.”