Taking on Hollywood

A still from Missing You Already, starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette
A still from Missing You Already, starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette

The owner of a film production company has been busy making her mark on Hollywood following the release of her latest movie.

Nicki Hattingh, who lives in Banbury and divides her time between working from home and her London office, founded New Sparta Films with her business partner and financial backer Jerome Booth in June 2013.

Together with a team of five others, they have taken six films into development for in-house production as well as financing four feature films.

These include Miss You Already, which hit cinema screens in the UK late last month with Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore starring in the title roles.

It premiered at Toronto’s International Film Festival in September and was an instant box office hit in its opening week here, taking £900,000.

With a female director, writer, financier and cast at the helm, Miss You Already is unashamedly a film made by women for women - and this is a subject Nicki feels particularly passionate about.

Speaking to the Banbury Guardian, she said: “Unfortunately it is still tough, even in this day and age, to be taken seriously as a woman in the film industry. I often receive email requests for meetings, which are addressed to Mr Hattingh. The frustrating assumption is that someone in my position must be a man.

“Women are 51 per cent of the world, we buy more than half the cinema tickets and we need more female centric stories on our screens for the female audiences. It’s a real shame there are so few Oscar and BAFTA-nominated films with female protagonists.”

Nicki stresses that hard work and determination have been key to her success and is now looking forward to the release of two further films in 2016. “The personal and professional rewards of seeing your story come to life on the screen are incredibly high,” she added.