The sky’s the limit for band aiming high

TrueHeights - Zakk Poland (Lead Vox front), Luke Poland (Lead Guitar), Alex Warburton (Guitar / Vox), Ash Maugham (Bass), Steve Maugham (Synth) and Kris Farrell (Drums) NNL-180304-110545001
TrueHeights - Zakk Poland (Lead Vox front), Luke Poland (Lead Guitar), Alex Warburton (Guitar / Vox), Ash Maugham (Bass), Steve Maugham (Synth) and Kris Farrell (Drums) NNL-180304-110545001

A six piece alternative rock band with members hailing from Leamington Spa and Banbury are celebrating after landing a record deal with an American label.

TrueHeights were formed in the summer of 2014 from the remnants of two bands and features brothers Zakk and Luke Poland and brothers Ash and Steve Maugham alongside Alex Warburton and Kris Farrell.

The band quickly found their feet performing their first gig just five months later in Wakefield.

Luke, who plays lead guitar, said: “There was a few lads from a band called ‘Girls that Scream’ who were like a dub step metal band with a glam rock look.

“They decided it wasn’t really for them so they got in touch with me and my brother who were in a band called Drawn.

“Both our bands were breaking up at the time and they had come to our gigs and noticed Zakk’s voice and approached him to be the vocalist.”

With the lead vocalist position taken the rest of the band jostled for roles with Luke, who had been a drummer for years, being thrust into the limelight as the lead guitarist, despite never playing the instrument.

Luke said: “I was a drummer playing in the three-piece post-hardcore band and had never really played a guitar before.

“Zakk had always promised that I would go with him in whatever musical project he entered, however, as Kris (who is a professional drum teacher) was playing drums, I didn’t stand a chance. The only space they needed to fill was guitar. I borrowed my dad’s Gibson Les Paul and went to jam with the lads.

He added: “We ended up staying in the studio we rented in Southam for an entire weekend, locked away, just to see what we could get done.”

During 2015 the band found their musical feet releasing their first EP, TH15. The band also hired band manager Sam Broadbent to boost their chances of making it big.

Sam said: “When we secured the management deal I wanted to make sure that under my management they would have a label, a booking agent and a publisher, belief that we would achieve this came from acknowledging that they were the hardest working band I’d come across in many years.”

The move paid off with TrueHeights releasing a charity single last year before being snapped up by the American based Sony RED Label ‘We Are Triumphant’. They will release their second EP, ‘Days we Found’ on April 6.

Sam added: “Working with TrueHeights has been so exciting, it’s not everyday you get to work with six very talented individuals all with the exact same dream that you share in their sights.”

In rock and roll tradition the band have suffered a few setbacks along the way, crashing their tour van in the middle of Brussels and a particularly gruesome on stage accident during their performance at a Warwick festival.

Luke explains: “We were headlining a festival at Warwick Racecourse last year and we have these stage risers at the front of the stage and Zakk stood on one of them during the introduction and jumped off. Our bass players leg was at a 45 degree angle and he (Zakk) just went straight through his shin on stage.”

For more info visit TrueHeight’s Facebook page.