The Banbury band aiming to make a splash

Lake Acacia are Adam Budd, Tim Groethe and Joe Homer
Lake Acacia are Adam Budd, Tim Groethe and Joe Homer

Three Banbury musicians are trying to leave the day job behind them and make it big in the business with the release of their first music video.

Lake Acacia are Joe Homer on drums and backing vocals, Tim Groethe on bass and backing vocals and Adam Budd on lead guitar and lead vocals.

The trio have been together for just over two years. Adam and Joe were students at Chenderit and were both in a number of bands throughout secondary school.

Tim joined as a stand in at a less than rock and roll venue.

Joe said: “We started off doing covers together when Tim first joined which was at Horley Scout Camp which was quite a weird one.”

The band soon got writing their own material and tried to make a splash on the London music scene.

Joe said: “Our first proper gig was at a place called the Undersolo in Camden.”

Finding it difficult to break through in the big city the band shifted focus. Adam said: “Now we’re focusing on Oxford and more local stuff and it seems to be going really well.”

The move has been a wise one bringing the band exposure and recognition.

Tim said: “We did a BBC Introducing in Oxford in May, that was a really good one.”

Adam added: “Introducing Oxford is called Uprising. They pick bands that have been played on an introducing radio show to play a short set.

“It was really good, really well received, had to do a couple of interviews. It was a crazy experience for us because we had never really done anything that big before.”

The band released their debut EP, Figure Frame, last year and describe themselves as an alternative rock trio with heavy riff based tracks in the realm of Muse and Biffy Clyro.

They do, however, have some eclectic musical guilty pleasures.

Adam said: “I like quite a lot of weird pop music. I like Justin Timberlake, he’s not a generic pop musician, you can tell he’s smart and writes his music well so I like that.”

Tim said: “I haven’t used it for the band but I really love classical music and really old music like Baroque and Renaissance period, literally 500-year-old music. I have a 400 page book of symphonies at home with notes in it, I’m pretty sad.”

Although unsigned the band are putting in extra effort to promote their forthcoming video, out on August 10, and will follow it up with the release of their second EP.

Adam said: “We just wanted to get something out there. People are always saying where can I listen to you, so you kind of need a base to grow on.

“Now we’re doing the video and a bit more of an official release and putting more promotion into it, it’s a bit more professional.”

• The band will be playing at the Wine Vaults over the August bank holiday.

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