Chenderit’s term wraps up with singer-songwriter

Chenderit students were treated to a performance by Belfast musician Pete Gardiner as part of fun day wrapping up the school year.

The musician ended up in front of the Year 10 to 13 students via a shared connection with the school.

Singer songwriter Pete Gardiner (holding guitar) sits with Chenderit students before playing

Singer songwriter Pete Gardiner (holding guitar) sits with Chenderit students before playing

Pete said: “I heard the kids were having a fun day for the end of term and Steve, my manager, has a contact at the school and he was able to get me a gig playing a few songs that I’ve written and talk to the kids about song writing.”

Pete is aiming high in regards to his song writing with his key influences being two of the greatest lyricists in rock and roll history.
Pete said: “Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are my two heroes. I am very focused on the lyrics but you would have to be an idiot to say your as good as Dylan.”

Pete has been writing songs for 14 years, recording for a decade and signed a record deal four years ago. Despite his wealth of experience playing at the Middleton Cheney school was something of a first.
Pete said: “I usually play pubs and a few house gigs and weddings. I've done two or three gigs in Los Angles. I haven't really played in this environment before, it's the first time I have played in a school."

Head teacher Mrs Jane Cartwright said: “On the last day of term we have what we call a extravaganza that is a production put on by the sixth form to end charities week for the rest of the school.
" Because that is happening we thought that this would be a nice addition for our students. I’m delighted that Pete is here with us today and our students have an amazing day.”

Pete's songs can be found on Spotify and other music apps or by visiting his website.