Bodicote’s annual music festival returns home

Bodfest NNL-171107-142706001
Bodfest NNL-171107-142706001

With Bodfest just over a week away organisers are confident this year’s return to its spiritual home will be a positive move.

The event is volunteer organised by the Bodfest Committee who made the decision to relocate to Kingsfield, opposite Bishop Loveday Primary School, at the request of villagers.

The committee, which receives no external funding, is confident the event will be safe, secure – and sunny.

Rachel Whitrow, treasurer of the Bodfest Committee, said: “We have to do an event management plan and this plan is guided by our security people, a professional company, we also follow guidance from Cherwell District Council and Thames Valley Police.

“We have had numerous meetings and have another one next week. This is to ensure everything is in place for people’s safety.”

During the event, on Saturday, July 14, the Bodicote Archive Group will host an exhibition in the village hall which is, in turn, looked after by the Bodicote Welfare Committee, separate entities to the Bodfest Committee.

The exhibition will be free to view during the day with the village hall closing in the evening for safety considerations.

This has triggered some concern about there being no toilets available but Rachel pointed out the event had its own facilities. “We’ve got three trailers of flushing toilets to the cost of £2,500 which will more than cover the amount of visitors we expect to have.”

Ample parking will be available in the field adjacent to Kingsfield, in addition the committee has had permission to use the Bodicote House car park.

No road closures will be enforced as the event will be completely contained within the field and past experience has demonstrated the closure of surrounding roads leads to the event spilling into them, creating problems for emergency vehicle access.

The event starts at noon and features two bars with higher capacity than ever before, food vendors to suit every taste, a family arena with dance displays, the Bishop Loveday Choir and a dog show and two stages of live music.

Rachel said: “We’re going back to where it started because that’s where the villagers want it to be.”

For a complete list of performers and attractions on the day visit