Back by popular demand, Cornbury 2018 announced

Cornbury Music Festival, Great Tew, Oxfordshire Copyright Ben Phillips Photography NNL-170619-141437001

After hundreds of requests from festival goers, musicians, agents and sponsors, Cornbury Festival organiser Hugh Phillimore has announced that the music festival held in Great Tew will return next year.

Last summers festival had been billed as the final farewell as Bryan Adams, Kaiser Chiefs, The Pretenders and Jools Holland among others graced the main stage in front of sell out crowds.

Cornbury Music Festival 2017. Right Said Fred. NNL-171107-100739001

Dismayed by the potential gap in their festival calendars, a wave of support ensued as local media and public alike badgered events founder and organiser Hugh Phillimore, not to give up the challenge after 14 years, but to continue this unique weekend.

Mr Phillimore said: “So many people have sent messages since July - our audience love the event and want it to keep going. Literally hundreds of our supporters, together with bands, agents, managers, sponsors and media partners telling me I shouldn’t let such a jewel in the festival calendar end.

“The festival market has become a tough playing field over the last few years and very saturated, which lead partly to my decision to leave whilst we were on a high, however the response has been so overwhelming with support for Cornbury to remain, that it has caused a rethink on my part and I can confirm that we have decided to listen to public opinion and return next year as strong as ever in July 2018.”

The 15th Cornbury Festival, with the same three stage format, will be staged at Great Tew Park from July 13th to 15th next year.

Mr Phillimore added: “If people still want us here, in a way it would be foolish to stop now and 15 years does give us another great reason to celebrate.”

More festival news as and when we get it.

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