Banbury’s newest book club for peeved parents

Banbury's P***ed Off Parents Book Club meets at Banbury's Atic NNL-180902-091827001
Banbury's P***ed Off Parents Book Club meets at Banbury's Atic NNL-180902-091827001

Banbury’s newest book club is exclusively for frustrated, exhausted mums with the once a month meetings offering a chance to vent, socialise and, of course, have a drink.

The P***ed off Parents Club is the brainchild of Jemma Hibberd who read the book of the same name whilst going through her first pregnancy.

Jemma said: “I was 24 when I read that book and I thought ‘Oh my God is that what it’s like’?

“Are parents always p***ed off, is this what motherhood is like?

“Seven years on that’s exactly what it’s like.”

The inspiration for the club came when Jemma was organising an event with the Unmumsy Mum, Sarah Turner, at the Whately Hall last April.

Jemma said: “Sarah’s philosophy is that you can express yourself and if you’re feeling a bit sh*t then its alright to say it. So it kind of spiralled on from there.

Jemma added: “I love reading but as a parent, like many others, I don’t get time to just sit down and read so that was the stimulus. This is a reason to read.”

The group held their first meeting at The Atic in Butchers Row last week with a dozen or so mums discussing Mink Elliot’s book, chit chatting about parenthood and relaxing.

Next months meeting and book have already been arranged.

Jemma said: “The next meeting is March 22, a Thursday and the next book is called ‘Why Mummy Drinks’. You can see a theme, can’t you.”

There are still places available for March’s meet and tickets are £10 which include nibbles and drinks but not the book.

Jemma added: “With mums they tend to find groups cliquey and it’s really hard to integrate yourself into a group but this is completely not like that.

“Everyone is different and has their own experiences of parenthood and it’s a really nice way of venting, almost, with like minded people.”

For more information or to book a place visit the POP Book Club Facebook page.