Comic Hal toughens up for Banbury show

Hal Cruttenden
Hal Cruttenden

One of the UK’s top comedians Hal Cruttenden can be seen at the Theatre at Chipping Norton later this month.

He performs his latest show Straight Outta Cruttenden fresh from appearances on Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week and the Great British Bake Off spin off An Extra Slice.

His new show will tackle some of his irritations with modern life.

Hal said: “The show deals with some of the irritations of modern life. It is when you look on Facebook and there are people sharing pictures of their new haircut and it looks dreadful. And none of their friends tell them that it looks awful.

“As the show is called Straight Outta Cruttenden, I wanted to sound a bit more gangster,” he says laughing heavily.

“I wanted to sound a bit tougher because I think everyone thinks that I have a round face and I am jolly and people won’t listen to what I have to say.”

Tickets cost £16. To book call 01608 642350/