Blenheim’s welcome to walkers this autumn

There is much to savour at Blenheim as the seasons change
There is much to savour at Blenheim as the seasons change

Autumn may be on the way, but there is still plenty to savour outdoors – as visitors to Blenheim Palace will discover.

As a park which plays host to a number of historical monuments and a wide variety of nature, Blenheim offers plenty of ways to observe the shift in seasons.

Its notable locations include the Grand Bridge, the Great Lake and the Cedar of Lebanon tree which has featured in the Harry Potter films.

Then there’s the palace itself, which was built after the Battle of Blenheim and saw the birth of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Throughout the park there are a number of recommended walking routes to help visitors make the most of their day.

The Lakeside Walk takes visitors through the water terraces to the Rose Garden and Pump House. The route offers an impressive range of woodland, showcasing the most ancient oak trees as well as an array of water based wildlife.

There is also the Park Perimeter Walk, which provides excellent wildlife spotting opportunities as it takes walkers through some of the quieter areas of the park.

The Queen’s Pool Walk takes visitors over the Grand Bridge, providing spectacular views of the palace.

This route takes walkers past the Triumphal Arch, which boasts a particularly fine view.

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