Let's all laugh at England! Best internet funnies after dismal Euro 2016 exit

Departed: England manager Roy HodgsonDeparted: England manager Roy Hodgson
Departed: England manager Roy Hodgson
Wash away the England blues with our compilation of the best internet funnies in the wake of another disastrous night for English football.

We’re out of Euro 2016, Roy Hodgson has resigned, our national team are once again the laughing stock of the international game after losing to the smallest nation ever to play in the tournament and there are no standout candidates to lead us forward.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Some funny people have been posting out some pretty hilarious things on the web in the wake of our 2-1 defeat to Iceland.

So we’ve compiled the best of them to hopefully raise a smile on the face of our readers today.