Cropredy Fringe; the festival within a festival

For many years now Cropredy's Fringe Festival, held at the two village pubs, has attracted its own growing legion of fans and this year's fringe will once again have a little bit of everything.

By Stuart Prestidge
Friday, 2nd August 2019, 4:05 pm
Brasenose Arms will begin its fringe festival next Tuesday

Between Tuesday, August 6 and Sunday, August 11, over two dozen bands will be playing across the Brasenose Inn and Red Lion stages.

The free to enter gigs reach their crescendo's on Friday and Saturday with numerous bands playing at each venue. For those wishing to squeeze everything out of the festival weekend both pubs will have bands playing on the Sunday afternoon.

The full set list and times (subject to change) are as follows:

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Brasenose Arms will begin its fringe festival next Tuesday

• Brasenose Arms

Tuesday, August 6, Stompin' Dave & Sam Kelly, 8pm,

Wednesday, August 7, Underscore Orkestra, 8pm,

Thursday, August 8, Orphan Colours, 12pm, Benjamin Folke Thomas, 2pm, Mr Tea and the Minions, 4pm, Winter Wilson, 8pm,

A band tunes up during last years Red Lion fringe festival

Friday, August, 9, Treebeard, 12pm, Cross & Jackson, 2pm, Krankschaft, 4pm, Morris & Watson, 8pm,

Saturday, August 10, FolkLaw, 12pm, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, 2pm, Spank the Monkey, 4pm, Kris Dollimore, 7pm,

Sunday, August 11, Vo Fletcher, 12pm, Merry Hell, 2pm.

• Red Lion

Wednesday, August 7, The Canulars, 6pm, Duff Paddy, 8pm,

Thursday, August 8, GlymJack, 3pm, Pete Watkins, 5pm,

Friday, August, 9, The Dillon Rhythm Band 1pm, The Uninvited, 3pm, Spank the Monkey, 5pm,

Saturday, August 10, Catfish Creek 12pm, Jack O'Bones, 2pm, The Duckworths, 4pm,

Sunday, August 11, NevaMynd, 12pm.

For up to date information visit the Brasenose Arms and Red Lion Facebook pages.