Console Corner: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection review

Another masterful remaster.

By Damien Lucas
Sunday, 25th October 2015, 5:00 am
Uncharted looks better than ever thanks to this brilliant remaster
Uncharted looks better than ever thanks to this brilliant remaster

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is the latest PlayStation 3 hit to get the remastered treatment for PS4, and once again it has been done to perfection.

When The Last Of Us was remastered for PlayStation 4 it not only looked even more stunning than the original, it boasted some new features too.

This masterful remaster of the Uncharted trilogy gets the same added gloss and Bluepoint have expertly retuned the visuals in line with the added power available on PS4 while also making gameplay feel more consistent.

What Sony and the developers are doing with these remasters is very cunning. There is enough re-working of the original and new features to justify the re-release.

But the truth is the PS4 has out-sold its rivals and then some.

Sony knows millions of gamers – and I am one of them – have made the decision to switch from Xbox to PlayStation this time around.

Therefore many of these blockbusters from the PS3 era such as The Last Of Us and Uncharted have not been experienced by a huge swathe of PS4 owners.

So what does the game entail? Well the trilogy only includes Uncharted‘s single-player adventures, but that mode is not missed and with so much to do it lets you focus entirely on the solo mode.

There are a few small new features and while it could be argued there should be more, you are getting three games, all of which have been noticeably improved, for your money.

Of the new features players can perform speed-runs with a timer displaying total game time or play photographer in what is now becoming a regular add-on is games, Photo Mode.

There is also a new ‘brutal’ difficulty setting for the hardened Uncharted gamers who may want to revisit the games.

Anyone who has played the originals will tell you that the Uncharted series is one of the best action adventure franchises in video game history.

The Nathan Drake Collection has managed to strengthen the legacy further still and more importantly made it accessible to millions more gamers than ever before.

It also sets things up perfectly for the release of the Uncharted finale next year when ‘A Thief’s End’ hits PS4.

However, it is a somewhat damning indictment on the games industry that remasters of old games are two of the best titles available. But that could all be about to change with a run of stellar releases lined up before Christmas.

Rating: 9/10