Console Corner: Devil May Cry HD Collection 2018 review

Devil May Cry HD Collection now runs in 1080p and is still stylishDevil May Cry HD Collection now runs in 1080p and is still stylish
Devil May Cry HD Collection now runs in 1080p and is still stylish
It's better the Devil you know.

Dante is back, again, after the release of Devil May Cry HD Collection last week.

It’s always tough to review a game which is essentially a port of an existing title reviewed by the world and its wife nearly six years ago.

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However, there are some subtle but important differences worth noting.

For those who don’t know about Devil May Cry, it is the game which essentially defines - and set the benchmarks for - the hack-and-slash genre since the early noughties.

The franchise has spawned a host of sequels since, some better than others.

Now Capcom doesn’t want the new generation of gamers to miss out, bringing its 2012 remaster collection of DMC 1, 2 and 3 to PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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Dante is still the stylish son of a human/devil love tryst he always was and looks great in HD and the first important and most noticeable aesthetic change, the fact that the resolution has been upscaled from the 720p of the 2012 version to 1080p.

But as I say this is pretty much a straight port of the PS3 version from nearly six years ago so I won’t tread over old ground.

One of my biggest bug bears about that version was the fact you could not leave the Devil May Cry game you were playing and just go back to the game selection screen.

Rather maddeningly you used to have to quit out of the entire game and relaunch to choose one of the others.

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Now, thank goodness, you simply hit the touchpad at the main menu of any title will take you back.

Cutscenes now take up the entire screen in another welcome change and the rest as they say for DMC HD is history in that not much else changes from reviews and views cast on the original.

That does not take anything away from the experience, though, maintaining the series’ high standards and offering newcomers the ideal introduction to Dante’s world.

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