Console Corner: Could this be the surprise Hit of the year?

It is very much the essence of an assassin to be stealthy and go unnoticed and that is precisely what Io-Interactive have done with the announcement of a brand new Hitman.

A brand new next generation Hitman will be released in December. Agent 47 is back and is in his prime
A brand new next generation Hitman will be released in December. Agent 47 is back and is in his prime

The developers are embarking on what is very likely the greatest adventure in the 15-year history of the classic game.

Announced as something of a surprise at the recent E3, it will be the sixth game in the acclaimed series with Io-Interactive promising “a perfectly distilled version of all the previous games which is why we chose to call the game simply Hitman”.

“Everything is focused on delivering the purest assassin fantasy out there,” said creative director Christian Elverdam.

So Agent 47 is back, and he is in his absolute prime, taking down high-profile and powerful targets around the world.

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    How to get to those targets, how to take them down, and when to strike will be entirely up to you.

    Elverdam added: “We provide the sandboxes and the necessary tools, you provide the creativity.”

    Contracts Mode is back, and PS4 owners will exclusively get six unique contracts.

    The game will be substantially larger and more complex than those in Hitman: Absolution.

    Out on December 8 the game will be digitally led for the first time. From the launch and well into 2016, 47 will be going on a globetrotting adventure with the release of new locations, new targets, and new challenges for people to enjoy together.

    Elverdam said: “We believe in delivering a true community experience, something that all fans of Hitman can look forward to together, speculate about together, and finally enjoy together.

    “We plan on keeping everyone engaged with content throughout this first story arc, which means we’ll also deliver live events and live targets with a limited lifespan to keep you all busy.”

    I know I can’t wait.