A trip to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side - with plenty of fun

The band on a previous visit to the Mill
The band on a previous visit to the Mill

Award-winning Pink Floyd tribute act Dark Side of the Wall are celebrating 20 years together with a return to Banbury this weekend.

Their gig promises both musical expertise and visual delights, including a spectacular light show complete with laser and video projections

Most importantly, they guarantee an evening of entertainment, with ‘Floyd is Fun’ being the band’s mantra.

Bass player and band manager Steve Chilton said: “Whilst we always perform the music with the respect it deserves, making a connection with the audience is a key component of what we do.”

“Pink Floyd has never been about the personalities of the band members themselves so we’re able to bring something of ourselves to each performance.”

Their 2 hour set includes covers of Pink Floyd’s numerous classic hits, such as Money and Another Brick in the Wall.

The band appear at The Mill on Saturday, July 11 at 8pm. Go to www.themillartscentre.co.uk for more.