Ford issues a warning to players after latest defeat

Banbury United manager Mike FordBanbury United manager Mike Ford
Banbury United manager Mike Ford
Manager Mike Ford said any player who is at the Banbury Plant Hire Community Stadium for an easy ride is at the wrong club.

The Banbury United boss was clearly angered by the attitude of some of his players in the Boxing Day defeat to Dunstable Town.

He said: “You don’t get any extra points for beating King’s Lynn than you do for beating Dunstable and we got none because we didn’t deserve any. You have to earn everything you get in life and we didn’t deserve anything.

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“You can play yourself in and out of a team but you can also play your way out of a football club. The performances by some of my players left a lot to be desired.

“This club has been successful for two and a half years and it strives to be better. But I need people with me who also want that, this squad has been built on hard work but our application was not right, there wasn’t enough desire.

“The ones who want to be at a club which is content to just try and stay in this division are at the wrong club here. We’ve got to make the players understand what they did has resulted in them coming off the pitch losing a game like that.

“Sometimes players get anxious because they are under pressure but we got anxious chasing another game.”