Reeves-Smith has to battle hard to take a tight victory

Joseph Reeves-Smith on his way to victory in the TKM class at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith
Joseph Reeves-Smith on his way to victory in the TKM class at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith

Joseph Reeves-Smith enjoyed success at Sunday’s meeting at Shenington Kart Club.

The Over Norton driver had to battle hard to win the TKM final from a grid of 26 karts.

Reeves-Smith started third with compatriot James Pashley on his tail, soon to be passed by Joshua Sherriff. Two leapfrogging moves against Kyle Sproat and Jack Ransom took Reeves-Smith into the lead at the Stratford hairpin

Ransom lost several places, momentarily putting Pashley third, as Sproat faded to ninth. Ransom took Pashley in the chicane for third with Sherriff a close second to the leader.

On the last lap, Sherriff made a forcible move for the win in the chicane, rubbed side-pods with Reeves-Smith and lost a place to Ransom, Pashley fourth. A bad heat set Banbury’s Max Goldsmith back on the grid but he fought his way to fifth.

Junior TKM was another huge grid but they got split in two at the start as a couple of karts came together just before the line.

Stratford’s Dan McKeown quickly leapt past Jack Nicholson to lead but he had apparently passed on a yellow caution flag so was penalised a lap. Fighting for third, Zak Oates and Zak Taylor clashed and lost many places.

Their places were taken by Thomas Shaw and Ben Higgins but they too came together. Spencer Stevenson had already inherited thirds and a move on Jack Nicholson gave him the inherited win over Nicholson and Harry Yardley-Rose.

Another full grid of Junior X30 karts had leaders Oliver Gray and Caden McQueen running wide at the second corner, having to fight back to third and fifth.

Alex Ley took a good lead until passed for the win by Jamie Mead, who had taken Sam Heading on the way. But Heading had a ten-seconds penalty so Gray inherited the podium place.

In the two-stroke IAME category, Maxwell Dodds took Arvid Lindblad and Samuel Shaw followed.

The lead positions continually changing, Dodds then Shaw both in front until hung out to dry. Lindblad led a long train with Shaw and Freddie Slater next in line and all hanging on to the chequer. Banbury’s Alfie Briggs was a creditable 21st.

Lewis Malin had a runaway win in a strung out Senior X30 race, ahead of Jensen Fennymore and Nathan Herbert.

In the Formula Libre economy class, the Rotax powered Clive Carpenter came out on top in a battle with the TKM powered Graham Stewart, Matthew Cardwell third.