Reeves-Smith edged out of placings after thrilling race

Alfie Briggs takes a corner during Sunday's IAME Cadet final at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith
Alfie Briggs takes a corner during Sunday's IAME Cadet final at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith

Joseph Reeves-Smith was involved in a thrilling tussle during Sunday’s kart meeting at Shenington.

Stephen Letts led from pole position in the TKM Extreme class.

Over Norton’s Reeves-Smith quickly vaulted by Josh Sherriff for second while Banbury’s Max Goldsmith was right behind vying with national champion Harry Moore. In the last few laps Sherriff had a brief turn in the lead, relieved by Reeves-Smith but Moore had been working through and pounced on Letts, who had regained the lead.

All that action put Reeves-Smith back to sixth, with Goldsmith fourth. On the last hairpin Letts lunged by a disgruntled Moore for the win with Christopher Whitton grabbing second.

As the TKM Clubman class settled down Samuel Baker soon got into his stride.

He picked off Will Hulacki, Suk Sander and leader Chris Yates both by diving down the inside at the last hairpin. As the rain came back Baker pulled away.

George Robinson led the concurrent Formula Libre class from Clive Carpenter.

With a great start, Alfie Briggs from Banbury slotted into second at the start of the IAME Cadet Final from fifth on the grid as Max Speed spun off to the side. As Maximus Hall leapfrogged from third to first, Briggs lost another place to Leo Robinson while the front runners split into two pairs.

With Joe Sheppy trailing in fifth the race ended in the order Hall, Robbie Stapleford, Robinson and Briggs.

With a good entry of 170 karts, some practicing for the following weekend’s British Championships, the format was changed to a timed qualifying session followed by two heats and a final.

In Junior TKM, Over Norton’s James Pashley shot to the front past Zak Oates and Zak Taylor. A heated battle commenced, the lead changing often but from sixth on the grid Spencer Stevenson was picking each of them off in his route to the front.

Then it overheated, Oates spearing off at the Wilkins hairpin and later Pashley docked a penalty lap for gaining an advantage from his third on the road. Stevenson held onto the lead from Taylor, Ethan Newsham and Joe Taylor elevated to third and fourth.

In the concurrent Mini X race Charlie Typaldo-Cole pipped Ivan Lomley with a couple of laps to run.

Alessandro Ceronetti from Stratford and Banbury’s Will Layton sparred over the lead for the initial laps in Junior X30 until Ceronetti settled into first and held on to the chequer flag.

They left behind Harry Restall who succumbed to Caden McQueen before plunging to 11th. McQueen then held off Zak Bowen and Luke Preston.