Pashley twice battles back to claim victory in thriller

James Pashley celebrates his victory at Shenington. Photo:
James Pashley celebrates his victory at Shenington. Photo:

James Pashley scored a superb victory in a near full grid of Junior TKM at Shenington on Sunday.

The Over Norton driver twice had to reclaim the advantage in a thrilling race.

Starting from fifth as Joe Taylor led the pack away, Pashley nipped past Spencer Stevenson on the first lap and picked off Dominic Kilminster. He swept past Zak Taylor at Café Corner to lead a seven kart train, nose to tail.

Twice Zak Taylor fought back to the lead and twice Pashley recovered the place and held on to win. Joe Taylor came under pressure from Zak Taylor on the last lap while Kearney Connor stormed up from a start of 14th to finish fourth.

In the Honda 4-strokes, Archie Brown and Connor Clifford broke clear of a fierce third place battle and remained in those position to the chequer.

Lorenzo Kordal claimed third ahead of Kean Berta and Charlie Vaughan. Banbury novice drivers Leo Robinson and Jack Stewart finished 25th and 32nd respectively.

In the 2-stroke IAME Cadet, once Joe Sheppy and Bradley Beavers broke clear at the front it became a waiting game until the end.

At the last corner on the penultimate lap, Beavers sliced into the lead and held off Sheppy to the flag. Maximus Hall had a gap in front to Beavers and behind but gradually was reeled in by Alfie Baxter-Davies and Robbie Stapleford, both passing and Max Speed a more distant sixth.

Josh Sherriff, Sam Fowler, William Lakin and Harry Moore pushed each other away from the pack in TKM Extreme but Lakin fell back, closing up once more at the end. National champion Moore took Sherriff mid-race and pipped Fowler for the win by the tiny margin of 0.05 seconds.

For the economy TKM Clubman class, Shenington driver André Marot took little time in overtaking leader Ayrton Wynell-Mayow and eased out a small cushion for the win.

David Medlock fell behind Christian Chater by the end after Oliver Buskell came to a halt out of fourth.

In the KZ UK 125cc geared class, Tom Longfield made the best start but Dan Kelly soon took him and was unchallenged for the win.

The expected fight between Kelly and Edgehill’s Scott Allen failed to materialise when Allen’s clutch failed at the start. Longfield held onto a well deserved second well clear of Lee Ward while Chipping Norton’s Alice Powell came in fifth.

Edgehill’s Ross Allen won the very small 250 National class.