Pashley seals championship with second in final round

Chris Chater on his way to third in the senior TKM Clubman final. Photo: Graham Smith
Chris Chater on his way to third in the senior TKM Clubman final. Photo: Graham Smith

James Pashley took a second place in the final round to clinch the Shenington Kart Club Championship on Sunday.

Over Norton’s Pashley took second place in Junior TKM, comfortably netting him the club championship.

Bloxham’s Chris Chater and Over Norton’s Joseph Reeves-Smith each took third in the senior TKM Clubman and Extreme classes respectively.

Pashley tracked his championship rival Zak Oates throughout the final, knowing there was no need for an attempt at the win in order to clinch the crown.

The other championship contender Zak Taylor pulled off on the second lap with mechanical issues while Dan McKeown also dropped out of third with a problem. That left a six seconds gap to Spencer Stevenson who had held off Morgan Kidd throughout whilst Joel Oswick made it up to fifth.

In the senior TKM Clubman economy class, on his way to winning the series Suk Sandher raced clear of Chris Yates who lost several places in the last hairpin elevating Chris Chater to second.

But Clive Carpenter stormed through to catch the leader and take the win, Chater surviving for third.

In TKM Extreme, Joe Fowler rode off into the distance as Max Goldsmith and Reeves-Smith traded second place.

Eventually Reeves-Smith took the upper hand, Goldsmith falling to sixth. Banbury driver Will Lakin retired from sixth place and Alex Rees lost many places soon after passing Goldsmith.

Meanwhile Dean Hale leapfrogged up the order into second demoting Reeves-Smith while Josh Sherriff won the championship.

In IAME Cadet, Luke Watts raced clear with Maxwell Dodds on his tail.

But Dodds found a gap and eased clear towards the finish. Samuel Shaw fought hard with Bradley Beavers to eventually finish third but Beavers took the championship by three points over Joe Sheppy.

In the Honda Cadet 4-stroke A final Alfie Rigby got away well but Alfie Rigby prevailed for the win over Walker with Lorenzo Kordal third and taking the championship.

MiniX was won by Bowen Morris-Kent while Jack Salmon took the championship series.

Teddy Pritchard-Williams started Junior X30 in the lead until a huge battle ensued with Zak Bowen and Alessandro Ceronetti who took the 2017 championship crown.

On the last lap, Pritchard-Williams sliced past Bowen at Café Corner then took Ceronetti for the win.