Pashley pips his rival after thrilling battle in the final

James Pashley on his way to a thrilling victory over Joseph Reeves-Smith at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith
James Pashley on his way to a thrilling victory over Joseph Reeves-Smith at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith

James Pashley got the better of his rival Joseph Reeves-Smith in a thrilling encounter at Shenington.

A massive battle emerged in the TKM Extreme between the two Over Norton drivers.

Reeves-Smith led off the start but very swiftly Pashley vaulted Joshua Sherriff and then took the lead at the first hairpin. Reeves-Smith restored the lead at the second hairpin putting Pashley behind Jack Ransom.

Briefly back to second, Pashley was thwarted by Ross Deal but managed to get back on the tail of Reeves-Smith with a big gap now to what would become Zak Bowen, Sherriff and Deal. With a couple of laps to go, Pashley sliced past Reeves-Smith to hold on and win.

There were nearly 200 entries for the last race of the season and the championship decider.

Edgehill’s Scott Allen led the first half of the 125 KZ UK geared class, touching 90mph on the straight, and chased hard by Matteo Zanetti. But coming out of the first hairpin in first gear the engine suddenly seized up, leaving Zanetti to win over Matt Sherwen and Tom Longfield.

In Junior TKM, SuperPrix winner Zak Oates led Stratford’s Dan McKeown while Jenson Davis spun at the first hairpin elevating Archie Strong.

Connor Kearney was charging through the field from a tenth place start, soon among the leaders passing McKeown and then Oates. Kearney had to defend very strongly for the last four laps to win. Novice Tom Carne from Banbury finished 27th.

There might have only been ten runners but they gave plenty of excitement in MiniX. Charlie Vaughan won it with Kristian Brookes and Jack Cox on the podium.

In Junior X30 Samuel Shaw took the honours over Sam Heading and Stratford’s Alessandro Ceronetti.

Sonny Smith won the IAME two-stroke Cadet race with Archie Clark and Hady Mimassi making the podium while Banbury’s Alfie Briggs had a subdued race in eighth.

In the four-stroke Honda Cadet class, Kean Berta swiftly disposed of Ethan Symonds to lead, throwing off challenges by Mitchell Gibbons mid-race. But Berta got a one-lap penalty and Symonds took the win from Gibbons and Daniel Parrans-Smith.

Nathan Herbert dominated Senior X30 but was reeled in at the end by Bhavmeet Singh, with Freddy Simpson-Stacey a further six seconds back in third.

Ayrton Wynell-Mayow pulled clear of Banbury pair Christian Chater and Graham Stewart in Formula Libre. Stewart tried hard to find a gap but had to settle for third.