Pashley pipped for final win as Oates retains advantage

James Pashley just lost out for Sunday's Junior TKM win at Shenington Kart Racing Club's final meeting of 2016.
James Pashley on his way to second place at Shenington. Photo: Graham SmithJames Pashley on his way to second place at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith
James Pashley on his way to second place at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith

Despite trying desperately on the last lap to find an opening from Zak Oates, Pashley had to settle for runner-up.

The Over Norton driver took the lead from pole position but was soon exchanging that lead with Oates who took over with a lap to go and just held on.

Louis Harvey had a lonely race in third while Joe Taylor came out after a scrap with Ross Deal and Dan McKeown.

The senior TKM class was split into the Extreme and economy Clubman classes.

Dean Hale surprised everyone by carving through the from pole of the second group, leaping through the gap between the classes and all the way to the overall front. But his engine was found to be ineligible with a stuck piston ring, so excluded.

That left Daventry’s Joshua Sherriff to win over Matthew Taylor, the pair in a battle with initial leader James Whitaker. Colin Morris leapfrogged the trio, to lead for a lap before slipping back to seventh.

In the Clubman category, Charlie Machin mixed it with supposedly more competitive Extremes, so taking the win.

Several karts behind Chris Yates had a quick spin out of third. Yates took second after Hales’ exclusion.

In the Honda Cadet category, Thomas Mills and Daniel Powell broke away at the front. Despite Powell’s best efforts on the final lap, he could not find a gap in Mills’ defence.

Kean Berta relieved Roman Bilinski of third. Bilinski dropped to the back of the group before working his way back up to third.

That was short-lived as Berta re-took the position and held on until the end.

In the IAME 2-stroke category Archie Mace set off in the lead, chased by Bradley Beavers until Maximus Hall leapfrogged them all.

Coming into the chicane, Mace made a pass for the lead but tagged Hall who spun then retired and the incident allowed Beavers to take the win. Mace held second over Stratford’s Daniel Dudfield.

Rufus Hunt was swift to pass Matthew Herbert in the Junior X30 grid and set up an entertaining race with Jack Williams.

Stratford’s Alessandro Ceronetti and Kieran Wragg also had spells in the lead. Every time Hunt was knocked back, he fought back to the front, while Ceronetti was pushed wide in the chicane falling five places.

So Hunt won from Wragg and Bowen but Wragg had a ten-second penalty for a dropped front fairing.

A meagre 250 National gearbox grid had Mike Darling making a terrific start to lead Edgehill’s Ross Allen and Aaron Powell with Mark Pask a non-starter.

Allen was quick to lead, Powell soon also past Darling. But Allen retired, followed soon after by Darling.