Pashley finally gets podium place after topsy-turvy race

Banbury driver Tom Carne on his way to 22nd place in Sunday's Junior TKM final. Photo: Graham Smith
Banbury driver Tom Carne on his way to 22nd place in Sunday's Junior TKM final. Photo: Graham Smith

James Pashley secured a belated podium finish at Sunday’s club meeting at Shenington.

Starting ninth on the TKM Extreme grid, the Over Norton driver leapfrogged his way into podium contention.

Joshua Sherriff pulled clear of the rest for the first few laps but was gradually reeled in by Sam Johns and Louis Beaven, both passing. As Sherriff strove to regain the front, he pulled Pashley along, regained the lead and the win.

Pashley fell to fifth but managed to regain one place on Beaven at the end. That position became third when Johns was penalised five seconds for a displaced front fairing and that put Jack Ransom into second.

In the Junior TKM, Zak Oates quickly took Harry Yardley-Rose for the lead, followed by Ben Watson.

The trio initially pulled clear but soon had Joshua Newman and Harry Wainwright on their tails. Oates and Watson diced hard but it ended in tears as Oates spun to the back, leaving Watson a clear run to the chequer.

Novice Tom Carne was 22nd and fellow Banbury driver Ashton Cox another two places back.

The MiniX final was filled with excitement once Marcus Luzio’s front running position was upset by Alfie Baxter-Davies and Jessica Edgar, both having turns in the lead.

But Luzio found his way back to the front, only to be pipped by Theo Micouris in the chicane at the end.

Banbury’s Alfie Briggs slipped back to sixth and was excluded for a technical infringement.

Aiden Neate led the whole of the IAME Cadet final until the last lap when Ella Stevens did a great move into the chicane.

But a good run out of the last corner brought Neate alongside over the line, officially the winner despite the time gap showing as zero.

In the Honda Cadets, Mitchell Gibbons briefly took the lead from Jack Hobson until Oscar Tueten leapfrogged both.

Those exchanges carried on to the end, Tueten falling away by a second for third, and Hobson regaining the lead just in time for the win over Gibbons.

Quickly recovering from a poor start, Sean Butcher dominated the Senior X30 class. Polesitter Matthew Armstrong dropped to fourth but carved back to second only to be overtaken by Rory Hudson at the end, with Nathan Herbert in fourth.

Ioan Francis-Jones won TKM Clubman by 11 seconds over Monty Gorringe and James Yapp. Scott Hinton watched those proceedings from a close fourth place.