Pashley and Reeves-Smith made to battle for victories

James Pashley on his way to winning the TKM final at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith
James Pashley on his way to winning the TKM final at Shenington. Photo: Graham Smith

James Pashley and Joseph Reeves-Smith took the wins in the Junior and Senior TKM classes respectively.

But the pair had to battle hard for their success in Sunday’s meeting at Shenington.

In the Junior TKM category, Banbury driver Pashley was sporting his new number 2 as the National vice-champion and set off in the lead. That was extended when Zak Taylor was demoted from second to fourth in favour of Stratford driver Dan McKeown and Zak Taylor.

Gradually Oates crept up then passed Pashley for the lead leaving Taylor and McKeown trading fourth ending in Taylor’s favour. Pashley made a great move to regain the lead into the chicane on the last lap, somewhat to Oates’ annoyance.

Alex Rees led the senior TKM Extreme from the start tracked by Over Norton’s Reeves-Smith.

Harry Moore leapfrogged into third ahead of Josh Sherriff but he was demoted back by Sherriff and had to fight to restore third by the chequered flag. Reeves-Smith sliced under Rees at Park Corner to regain the lead and just hold off Rees on the finish line.

In the TKM Clubman economy class Bloxham’s Chris Chater managed to stay clear of a big second place battle between Marcus Edmonds, Suk Sandher and Chris Yates.

Yates reached second putting pressure on Chater until Edmunds managed to retrieve the spot, gifting Chater a one-second cushion to the finish.

The KZ UK 125cc gearbox heats had seen a battle between Lee Ward and Tom Longfield, two wins to one.

Although Ward made the best start in the final Longfield struck back on the first lap and led for a few more.

But with a couple to go, Ward found a gap at the first hairpin and in his efforts to take the win Longfield’s attempt in the chicane resulted in a spin and non-finish. That elevated Luke Child to runner-up.

The 210 Challenge were a visiting championship having their last round of the season and Luke Whitehead stormed off in the lead ahead of Shipston on Stour’s Dan Bury.

Tom Whyte claimed the national title as he leapfrogged Paul Fowler then took Bury for second.

In the Junior X30 Luke Whitehead took a massive lead from the off but gradually Zak Bowen closed the gap to give a real challenge at the end.

Jack Williams battled with Tom Nippers and once clear momentarily passed Louie Short for third, but Short retrieved the final podium place by the chequered flag.