Owen holds off champion to claim third spot in the final

Tom Owen enjoyed a thrilling battle with British champion Harry Moore at Shenington on Sunday.
Tom Owen on his way to third in the TKM Extreme final at SheningtonTom Owen on his way to third in the TKM Extreme final at Shenington
Tom Owen on his way to third in the TKM Extreme final at Shenington

The Kineton driver held off the challenge of Moore to take third place in the TKM Extreme final.

Owen came off the start in second but Jack Ransom squeezed past on the first lap while Moore, starting from 11th, rapidly made up places.

Sam Fowler led almost the entire race to win, Ransom only briefly ahead as the pair pulled away leaving Owen to succumb to Sam Johns. Owen retrieved third at Park corner just before Moore came ripping past them both.

Owen grabbed a chance at Wilkins hairpin, took third back and defended on the last lap while Moore was demoted ten seconds for a pushed back front nose fairing. Over Norton’s Joseph Reeves-Smith came in tenth.

In a small 250 National gearbox grid Edgehill’s Ross Allen was a comfortable winner.

In the TKM Clubman class, Shenington’s Andre Marot worked his way up to fourth then an incident dropped him to sixth, albeit he retrieved one place.

At the front Suk Sandher and Graham Stewart battled for the win after James Cayzer slumped from his initial second. After a quick trade of first place, Sandher prevailed for the win.

Stratford’s Alessandro Ceronetti pulled well clear of the second place battle in Junior X30 between Joe Fowler, Caden McQueen and Tom Nippers, finishing in that order.

Over Norton’s James Pashley led the large Junior TKM pack away but an incident at the first hairpin dropped him to sixth.

He sliced back through with a bold move following Joe Taylor past leader Zak Oates and briefly took the lead. But he was squeezed out and fell to sixth, retrieving just one place.

But incidents resulted in a ten-seconds penalty while Taylor was excluded. Archie Strong leapfrogged into the win over Oates and Dan McKeown.

Bicester’s Bobby Game came out on top against Roy Johnson in the OK Senior class.

In Honda Cadet several spins at the second corner broke up the pack.

Charlie Vaughan, Kean Berta and Daniel Powell broke away.

Berta took the lead at the last hairpin and hung on for the win from Vaughan while Powell kept third ahead of Roman Bilinski.

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