Pictures - successful home show for Banbury Boxing Club

Banbury Boxing Club hosted their first home show in over two years. Using a new venue at Banbury College, eight of the 15 bouts included boxers from the home club so it was guaranteed to be an action packed day.

By Zoe Ashton
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 11:09 am
Banbury's Warren Byfield boxing Taylor Bolgiani from Northampton ABC
Banbury's Warren Byfield boxing Taylor Bolgiani from Northampton ABC


Banbury’s own Jake Derecheter was in his first skills bouts of his boxing career. Facing an aggressive opponent Derecheter showed great control and some very effective skilful boxing with both boxers having their hand raised at the end of the three rounds.

Fred Rushby was also debuting in his first skills bout. Using his jab effectively, Fred used his extra reach well. After a intensive three rounds again both boxers had their hands raised.

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Banbury Boxing Club's Cam Henderson (red) v Gracjan Kapral of Blake ABC

Danyaal IIyas started the bouts off and did not show any signs of letting the the tempo slow down. Having a height and reach disadvantage, Ilyas landed some clean heavy shots giving his opponent a standing eight count. After three dominant rounds Ilyas took the win via unanimous decision.

Facing another aggressive opponent Ethan Macgregor’s superior timing started to shine through, countering his opponents attacks well for a well-deserved victory.

Cameron Henderson’s bout also started at extremely high intensity, both landing some good shots. Entering round two Henderson came out hard but unfortunately after getting caught by a flurry of punches the referee gave him a standing eight count before stopping the bout.

After a short interval it was the turn of the senior boxers. Ben Kim from Banbury’s other amateur boxing club, Spit’n’Sawdust showed some good skillful technique throughout the three rounds, but victory went to Kim’s opponent.

Ethan MacGregor (red) v Chase Jones of Droitwich ABC

Banbury Boxings Club’s first senior boxer was debutant Warren Byfield in a clash of the titans, opting for big heavy punches. Byfield connecting cleanly put his opponent down for an eight count. As the bout went on fatigue started to show and Byfield also had an eight count. The bout could have gone either way but Byfield he came out on the wrong side of a split decision.

Spit’n’Sawdusts Kasciuss Marren, entered for bout number 13. As the bout settled down it was Marren’s well timed movement and counters which started the shine through and, although looking disappointed by his performance at the end of the bout, it was Marren who took the win.

For bout number 14 in Banbury Boxing Club’s home show on Saturday, Nelson Ramos stepped into the ring for his third amateur bout.

Starting well, both boxers displayed some nice clean boxing with Banbury’s Ramos putting together some good combinations and finding his target.

Banbury Boxing Club's Jake Derechter (red) v Martin McDonagh of Bicester ABC

As the bout progressed and tiredness started to set in, it was Ramos’ snappy jab which stayed consistent racking up good points.

With both boxers leaving it out there it was Ramos’ hand which was raised to take the victory.

For the final bout of the day, it was Banbury Boxing Club’s most experienced boxer George Lines who faced off against a strong London based boxer.

With Lines losing out on height and range he made up for it using his quick footwork to get himself into range and pull off some eye-catching combinations mixing up the body and head shots stunning his opponent multiple times.

Banbury Boxing Club's George Lines (in red) v Charlie James of Earlsfield ABC (South London) Pictures by Josh Blincowe

Lines’ opponent however was no push over and when given the chance returned with some clean straight shots trying to Lines at range.

After a tough three rounds it was Lines who came away with a deserved victory.

Banbury Boxing club would like to thank everyone involved in making the event the success it was and look forward to more in the future.

This was the first show the volunteer-led community amateur sports club had been able to stage since 2019, before Covid-19.

This event was a great success and has relaunched the club after an uncertain return back from the pandemic.