Seventh spot after season slips away

Aveline Cruickshank scored for Banbury
Aveline Cruickshank scored for Banbury

Banbury completed their South Clubs Women’s Hockey League campaign with a 4-1 defeat against Teddington which saw them finish in seventh place.

It had looked for much of the season that Banbury may be able to push on after the mid-season break and make the top three in division two. But their form dropped in the latter stages as they struggled to pick up points.

The first half started well with good possession and play but they fell behind. Banbury squandered several opportunities before a short corner was awarded against them and Teddington doubled their advantage.

That was shortly followed by a great reverse hit from the top of the circle from the Teddington forward, leaving Banbury 3-0 down at halftime.

Banbury had good possession for the majority of the second half and they worked the ball around the circle gaining a short corner. A left slip-out to Vicky Coombs was deflected in by Aveline Cruickshank.

The game continued with excellent defending from Becca Edwards at full-back. But Teddington continued to overload Banbury’s defensive line and a break saw them add a late fourth goal.