Pamphlett on podium

Katie Pamphlett hits the front before riding to third place
Katie Pamphlett hits the front before riding to third place

Katie Pamphlett produced a podium finish in only her second race for Banbury Star Cyclists Club.

The 15-year-old only joined the club in April but in her second race she made the podium with an excellent third place finish. Pamphlett had previously only entered one time trial and an adult women’s race, so had little competition experience.

It was suggested she try a race with the Reading based youth club, Palmer Park Velo, who were holding a youth crit race on the closed road circuit at Dalton Barracks, Abingdon. The event catered for various age groups and Pamphlett took part in the combined under-14/16 race.

The race duration was 45 minutes, plus five laps, amounting to a total distance of around 15 miles.

Pamphlett made a poor start when she could not get her feet properly secured in her cleats and saw the field disappear before her. At the first corner three girls were already opening up a gap but, with a big effort, Pamphlett managed to reel in other riders and work with them to move her way up the field.

While she had periods of riding on her own, Pamphlett’s determination got her up with what was now a leading duo, where she even took a few turns on the front.

Having never been in this position before she was not totally prepared for how and when to start the sprint to the finish. But her third place behind two experienced riders was a great effort.