Chestnuts take the points against Middle Barton

Dawn Hewitt helped Banbury Chestnuts to victory against Middle Barton
Dawn Hewitt helped Banbury Chestnuts to victory against Middle Barton

Banbury Chestnuts beat Middle Barton 77-58 in the West Oxon Triples League.

Dawn Hewitt with John Duncan and Dave Ward won 23-13 while Lee Wilkinson with Trish Clarke and Dave Woods won 20-11.

Pat Ray with Ricky Marsden and John McGeough won 19-15 but Jamie Wilkinson with Val Jefferies and Brian Ray lost 15-19.

But Chestnuts lost 75-62 against Bloxham.

Brian Ray with Richard Cox and Pat Ray won 20-15 while Lee Wilkinson with Maria Williams and Dave Woods won 17-13.

But Pat Taylor with Dave Ward and Dai Evans lost 13-21 while Colin Taylor with Chris Purnell and Martyn Cooper lost 12-26.

Banbury Chestnuts beat Burford 82-51 in the West Oxon Mixed League.

Pat Taylor with Dai Evans and Pat Ray won 26-7 while Dawn Hewitt with John Duncan and Dave Ward won 22-13.

Colin Taylor with Martyn Cooper and Chris Purnell won 19-10 but Maureen Tuffin with Richard Cox and Brian Ray lost 15-21.

Banbury Central lost 80-70 against Essex tourists Bocking Alliance on Tuesday.

Keith Williams skipped a winning triple of Myra Lewis and John Hart to a 21-10 victory. But Lionel Lewis with Jenny Wiliams and Graham Tilbury lost 16-17.

Bob Wilkins with Tizzy Mueck and Ray Puddle lost 15-20, Jim Gow with Sue Tustian and Sue Thrush lost 12-19 while Jane Williams, Jill Hart and Terry Ulph lost 6-24.

Banbury Borough lost 117-89 Nuneaton against Nuneaton in Saturday’s club match.

Ted Bates, Dave McClymont, Clive Hopkins and Robert Sharpe won 20-18 while Joe Abercrombie, Pat Allen, Mick Morris and Tommy Cooper won 17-16.

But Jim Wood, Roger Bryan and Brian Miller lost 13-16 while Iain Mobbs, Graham Tilley, Bernard Hole and John Brooks lost 14-21.

Dave Tilly, Don Holloway, Tony Brown and Dave Gardner lost 17-22 while Dave Varney, Pete Smith, Gerald Fountain and Jock McGeough lost 8-24.

Adderbury lost 79-67 against Banbury Central in Thursday’s club match.

Cliff Hall with Rod Head, Alma Garrett and Tony Collett prevented the whitewash winning 20-19.

Dave Salter with Hilda Zimmer, Peter Briggs and Chris Holmes went down 15-18.

John Radley with Bryan Ogilvie, Roy Dickson and Malcolm Wigram were beaten 18-22 while Chris Skidmore with Graham Tyrrell, Gordon Sumner and Pete Griffin lost 14-20.