Borough return from Coventry with a win

Banbury Central's Nigel Galletly helped his side to victory
Banbury Central's Nigel Galletly helped his side to victory

Banbury Borough returned from Three Spires Coventry with a 119-79 victory in Saturday’s club fixture.

Dave Varney, Dave McClymont, Clive Hopkins and John Brooks won 38-5 while Pat Allen, Mick Morris and Tommy Cooper won 22-14.

Gerald Fountain, Danny Jordan, Tony Brown and Keith Holloway were 18-11 winners while Maurice Kirby, Jamie Wilkinson, Joe Abercrombie and Robert Sharpe won 16-15.

Iain Mobbs, Graham Tilley, Bernard Hole and Mark Sykes drew 17-17 but Jim Wood, Roger Bryan, Jock McGeough and Brian Miller lost 11-14.

Adderbury’s good start to the season continued with a comprehensive 92-74 victory over Buckingham’s Chandos Park.

Top skip was Chris Skidmore whose rink of Dave Allington, Paul Jelfs and Pete Griffin cruised home 27-12.

John Radley with Brian Ogilvie, Pete Goodson and John Hermon won 24-16 while Phil French with Mick Jelfs, Bill Dowling and Chris Holmes finished 24-21 ahead.

But Tom Clark’s rink of Graham Tyrrell, Brian Jones and Malcolm Brown lost 17-25.

A hail storm brought an early end to Adderbury’s match against Deddington on Thursday and the four triples game was abandoned after 15 ends.

Adderbury were 48-41 ahead at the time.

John Radley with Ian Dunn and Bill Dowling won 26-5 but Graham Tyrrell with Del Bampton and Paul Jelfs lost 8-9. Peter Briggs with Gordon Sumner and Brian Jones went down 7-12 and Bryan Ogilvie with Neal Taylor and Roger Hack suffered a 7-16 defeat.

Banbury Chestnuts beat Daventry 57-53 in their club match.

Colin Taylor with Pat Noonan and Chris Purnell won 20-10 while Sandra Wase with Tony Heath and Ricky Marsden won 20-12. Alan Wase with Brian Stonebridge and Dai Evans lost 10-13 while Brian Ray with John Herrington and Dave Ward lost 7-18.

Banbury Central beat Bicester 97-64 in Saturday’s club match.

Graham Morbey with Jenny Williams and Terry Ulph led from the front, winning 27-7 while Keith Williams’ rink of Eloise Jones and Paul Humphris won 23-10.

Caroline Campion with Luke Gilbert and Carole Galletly won 18-14 and Nigel Galletly’s rink of Alan Carter and Graham Tilbury drew 18-18 but Les Campion, Myra Lewis and Ian Gilbert lost 11-15.

Central returned from Kidlington with a 43-33 victory in Monday’s club fixture.

Les Campion’s rink of Jenny Williams, Paul Humphris and Pam Shepherd ensured the win with 11 unanswered shots on the last three ends. Caroline Campion with Alan Carter, Terry Ulph and Carole Galletly took six shots on the last two ends to win 12-7.

Nigel Galletly’s rink of Myra Lewis, Ian Gilbert and Keith Williams lost 7-11 and Graham Morbey, Jane Williams, Luke Gilbert and Lionel Lewis lost 6-10.