Ledbury returns to the ring with a win at the final show

Banbury Boxing Club's junior middleweight Niall Ledbury made a winning return to the ring against Horsham BC's Michael McGinley.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th February 2016, 7:26 am
Joe Dennison on his way to victory over Ian Morrall. Photo: James Abraham Buckland
Joe Dennison on his way to victory over Ian Morrall. Photo: James Abraham Buckland

Meeting at the last show to be held at the Oxford Sports & Social Club, the two 14-year-olds had identical records going into the bout.

The first two rounds were cagey affairs with Ledbury showing neat, light footwork getting in and out of range and changing angles of attack nicely. The fireworks came in the third when McGinley landed a heavy right hook.

All the caution of the first two rounds disappeared and Ledbury countered with a four punch combination that sent McGinley staggering backwards to the ropes with Ledbury following up, keeping him there. McGinley was trying to cover up and block the powerful head and body shots raining in.

The remainder of the bout saw McGinley trying to elude and evade the Ledbury onslaught. The clear third round earned the win from the judges.

Light welterweight Magdalena Olsztynska travelled to Birmingham to appear on Eastside BC’s club show to fight former kick boxer Tori Willetts.

After the initial exchanges, Willetts went heavily onto the back foot, happy to counter rather than initiate the exchanges. In a tense affair, the clearest shots came from Olsztynska, especially in the third round, but the judges verdict was split in favour of Willets.

Also in Birmingham, senior middleweight Joe Dennison boxed Ian Morrall.

The MK Academy boxer started strongly in the first round and probably won it with long straight shots, keeping Dennison out of range. In the second round Dennison came out with amended tactics and started to shorten the space and work inside and tiring the now slowing Morrall.

That laid the foundations for a cracking performance in the third. Dennison slipped Morrall’s jab and drove a right to the ribs and a left to the body that visibly and audibly took the wind out of Morrall and a standing eight count was awarded.

Dennison’s fitness shone through as he kept up the work rate and forced a second standing count as he continued to pick his opponent’s guard apart to land heavy hooks and uppercuts. The strong performance earned Dennison a unanimous win from the judges.