Layton and Haskett just miss out at Shenington

William Layton in action at Shenington
William Layton in action at Shenington

William Layton and Roman Haskett just missed out on wins in Sunday’s kart meeting at Shenington.

Layton led the pack away in the Junior TKM final but soon had to give way to Joe Taylor who he tracked all the way to the chequer flag, less than a second in arrears. Joshua Sherriff had leapfrogged James Whitaker for third.

The Junior X30 final was notable for an incredible number of lead changes.

Haskett led initially and entered a massive battle with Robert Welham until Matthew Biry managed to split them in the closing laps.

They flashed over the finish line three abreast, Welham just a fraction ahead for the win over Haskett who had just pipped Biry. But Biry was excluded for a technical issue on his engine, promoting Louie Short.

The usual large grid of Honda Cadets were led away by Daniel Guinchard from Caden McQueen with three crashing at the first turn. McQueen took up the lead, trading it with Maurice Henry and Theo Micouris until Guinchard battled back to the front.

In a dramatic finish, McQueen won from Micouris, Guinchard and Henry.

The IAME 2-stroke Cadet class, only a little smaller in entry, had Lorenzo Kordan and Leonardo Panayiotou breaking away at the front.

As Kordal lost pace, Panayiotou bid for the lead with Maximus Hall and Jack Williams closing up. Kordal took back the lead but Williams outmanoeuvred them all at Stratford hairpin on the last lap to take the win.

Hall pushed Panayiotou wide at the last corner but took a ten-second penalty, leaving Kordal and Alfie Baxter-Davies on the podium.