Jackson is star performer for RAW at Snetteron

Dominik Jackson in action at Snetterton
Dominik Jackson in action at Snetterton

Dominik Jackson proved to be the star of the Banbury based RAW Motorsports Team when the Radical Challenge resumed at Snetterton after a summer break.

As race one started on a now dry track, Steve Burgess and Oliver Barker touched as they headed into Riches. But Burgess had to tuck in behind his rival for the charge down to the Wilson Hairpin.

Jackson had ground to make up though after a poor start, but was in third as the lead pair started to escape.

The gap closed again in the final laps, but was still two seconds at the flag, while Jackson continued his solo run to complete the podium.

Burgess found himself chasing Barker for the lead again in the second race, while Jackson became embroiled in a terrific scrap for fourth with Mark Richards.

While Jackson and Richards shared a number of exchanges, Burgess’s race came to an early end.

From the green flag Jackson and Richards resumed their duel and after swapping and changing Richards led onto the penultimate lap, but Jackson made the decisive move into Agostini’s to seal third place.

Although it was a good start to the finale, Barker again just had the edge over Burgess and Jackson, with all three holding station until the pitstop window opened.

But the success ballasted pit-stop did Burgess no favours and while he emerged in 11th, Jackson was the new leader having just held off the rejoining Barker through Riches. Jackson held on until lap 16 when he was passed.