Jackson comes out on top after a duel with Burgess

Steve Burgess leads Domink Jackson at Snetterton
Steve Burgess leads Domink Jackson at Snetterton

Dominik Jackson came out on top with fellow RAW Motorsports driver Steve Burgess at Snetterton.

It was almost a personal duel between the Banbury drivers for the entire weekend at Snetterton but Jackson had two wins to Burgess’ one and is now only one point behind his team-mate in the title hunt.

Race two was the result I wanted, it was really tricky when it started to sprinkle with rain

Dominik Jackson

Only 0.399 seconds split the duo on qualifying but as the lights went out to start the first race it was Jackson that led into Riches.

Burgess held onto second and the gap between the pair held steady until the pit-stop window opened, Jackson stopped first and Burgess a lap later. But, with a greater success penalty, Jackson came out in fifth as Burgess had the lead.

“It was a measured drive for me in the first half, just holding the gap, but then pushed harder in the second half for the fastest lap and got it,” said Burgess.

Jackson demoted Kristian Jeffrey for fourth on lap 13 and began to close on second placed Richard Baxter. But a lock up at Wilson Hairpin increased the gap and Jackson was looking at fourth, until second-placed Mark Richards spun at Wilson and fourth became third.

It was Burgess who got the jump on Jackson at the start of the second race, before three laps behind the safety car turned it into a four lap sprint.

Burgess retained the upper-hand until the last lap, when Jackson locked up at Agostini’s and he spun in avoidance. Jackson held on to take the win,

In the final race of the weekend, the top four had just got away, with Jackson leading Burgess again. But the safety car intervened before a two-lap stint brought the green flag again.

They both held station again from the green flag and it was Burgess that made his stop first, rejoining just before the safety car arrived again.

When the race went live and the stops had been completed, Jackson still led with Burgess fourth. Gradually he hunted Baxter down for third but Jackson was clear to take his second win with Burgess grabbing a late third place.

Jackson said: “Any position above fifth is a bonus when you have the full success penalty, so I was really happy with third in race one. Race two was the result I wanted, it was really tricky when it started to sprinkle with rain.”

Burgess added: “It was a perfect start for race one. With the rain in race two, it was hard to work out how much grip there was. Realistically, third in race three was the best I could do.”