Fans must put their trust in Ford and players

Banbury United manager Mike Ford
Banbury United manager Mike Ford

Banbury United boss Mike Ford says the fans must trust him and the players on the pitch.

The Puritans boss is having to manage expectations as well as his players following a five-match winning start.

Ford said: “Fans will always expect us to come to these teams and win games. But we’ve got to make sure there is no complacency because some people will just assume we can play well each week and score lots of goals and that’s not the case.

“The fans must trust us to get the job the way we play, not simply hit the ball forward early. We have to be patient against some teams.

“Teams will be organised against us and make life difficult for us, so we will go away disappointed sometimes. But this group of players have moved the club on again.

“We’ve won every second half so far and that’s something we didn’t do enough of last season. So that’s all I said to the players at halftime at Dunstable, go out and win the second half.

“We needed to be more patient and not chase the game in the second half, because I felt more goals would come.”