Fuller and Lamb back at Banbury

Ady Fuller and Paul Lamb won their case against Banbury United
Ady Fuller and Paul Lamb won their case against Banbury United

THERE should be two new - but familiar - faces at Banbury United’s training session tonight (Thursday).

Former manager Ady Fuller and assistant Paul Lamb are expected to resume training with the club following today’s Southern League hearing at Hungerford.

Fuller and Lamb had taken their case to the league after the club served a 14-day termination notice on their contracts last month. Fuller and Lamb appealed the decision to the Southern League, who decided that under their player contracts the club had to continue paying them until the end of the season.

Owner Jed McCrory, who attended the hearing, said: “Ady Fuller and Paul Lamb have been receiving money from the club every week until December 22 under their player contracts. Unfortunately, their appeal has been upheld by the Southern League. They signed the contracts two weeks before I took over at the club and I wasn’t aware they were ‘player’s contracts’ at the time.

“On that basis, the club has to honour them, so I look forward to seeing our two highest paid earners back at the club, and to see them at training every Tuesday and Thursday, and at every game, home and away.”

Fuller declined to comment on the hearing or the situation and no statement has yet been received from the Southern League.

More reaction in next week’s Banbury Guardian.