Ford is adamant the season should be completed

Banbury United boss Mike Ford is adamant the BetVictor Southern League season should be completed.
Banbury United boss Mike FordBanbury United boss Mike Ford
Banbury United boss Mike Ford

All of Saturday’s Southern League fixtures were postponed, as well as the midweek and next weekend’s games.

The earliest the league will resume will be Saturday, April 3 and Ford said his players must be ready to hit the ground running if and when they do.

Ford said: “I’m adamant we should complete the season even if it means extending it or playing three times a week. I’m not expecting an announcement before the weekend but I would expect clubs to be given notice of a resumption a week in advance of the Saturday fixtures which are already done, midweek ones are going to be more difficult to fit in.

“I’m sure the Southern League will fall in line with the Premier League and EFL for guidance of cancellations. But I feel we must complete the season, it would be the easy decision to simply cancel it.

“There are many clubs, including us, who still have plenty to play for. We’ve put in a massive effort into getting near the play-offs all season, it’s been hard work and taken a lot of time and effort.

“I would be massively disappointed if the season was cancelled and feel the Southern League will have shirked their responsibilities. We can extend the season or delay the start of the next season, I’m sure clubs and players will buy into that.

“There are many views on the subject but the season starts in August with 42 games to be played and we must complete those fixtures. Even if the delay goes into April the Southern League must find a way to complete it.

“When we do resume we have to hit the ground running on the back of three straight wins to stay in the hunt for the play-offs.”