Anti-climax to the campaign for SWR

Sean Walkinshaw copes with the wet conditions in the SWR Honda Civic
Sean Walkinshaw copes with the wet conditions in the SWR Honda Civic

SWR encountered a testing final event of the inaugural TCR UK Championship season at Donington Park

Turbo boost issues hampered the competitiveness of the Chipping Norton squad’s race-winning Honda Civic Type-R.

Piloted by team owner Sean Walkinshaw for only the second time, the 24-year-old also had to contend with 60kg of ballast in the Honda as a result of the memorable victory taken last time out at Croft by Swedish driver Andreas Backman.

With the boost pressure difficulties costing the team the thick end of a second per lap, two very tough races were in prospect for Walkinshaw and he concluded the rain-lashed final weekend of the season ninth in race one and tenth in race two.

Team boss Ken Page said: “We knew we wouldn’t be able to show our true competitiveness in qualifying or the races. But we wanted to support the championship as it’s where SWR wants to be in 2019 and we’re confident TCR UK has a bright future.

“Overall we’re pleased with the first year of the championship and it’s great to have been one of the few teams to win during the inaugural season.”

Walkinshaw stepped into the breach for the finale of TCR UK to mark only his second ever experience of front-wheel drive racing.

But pace was hampered throughout the build-up and in qualifying.

Team boss Ken Page said: “It isn’t the end we wanted, it’s been a testing weekend for us at Donington, but it was more important to have numbers on the grid and to show that support. We’re hopeful the BOP structure will be reviewed for next year but, whatever happens, we’re looking forward to 2019.”

SWR concludes the maiden season of TCR UK action with four podiums, two for Backman, including his Croft win last month, and one each for Walkinshaw and Howard Fuller.