Allen races to victory at the feature meeting of the year

Ross Allen on his way to victory in the 250 National class at Shenington on Sunday. Photo: Graham Smith
Ross Allen on his way to victory in the 250 National class at Shenington on Sunday. Photo: Graham Smith

Ross Allen raced to victory in Sunday’s Shenington SuperPrix meeting.

There was a massive entry of 254 karts for the annual SuperPrix and Allen sped to victory in the 250 National class.

Coming off the start in third behind Jack Bliss and team-mate James Hassall, the Edgehill driver was quickly past Bliss and hunting down Hassall.

On his tail for a few laps, Allen found a gap and eked out a second’s cushion for the win. Bliss got tangled up in a four kart pile-up in the chicane leaving Lee Stamp to defend third from Paul Lawson.

In the KZ UK 125cc gearbox class, Edgehill’s Scott Allen led the 30 strong pack into the first hairpin.

But his mission to retain the E Plate, the English Championship, was thwarted when Henry Easthope and Shane Daly proved to have a smidgeon of extra pace.

Allen held onto third, on their tail, and simultaneously defending against Matteo Zanetti. By half distance Daly had moved into the lead to win.

The 210 National, racing for the O Plate, the Open Championship, featured Banbury father and son Tony Bury and Dan Bury.

An unchallenged Tom Whyte won with Lee Plain recovering to beat the slowing Neil Hancock for second. Dan Bury, the current class champion, overwhelmed Adam Woodward for fourth. Tony Bury pitted for repairs.

All the classes were competing for the SP Plate, commemorating the SuperPrix.

Over Norton’s James Pashley led into the first corner of Junior TKM but Joe Taylor went past on the second lap. Pashley retaliating at the next hairpin but he was elbowed aside and dropped to fourth as Ross Deal and Spencer Stevenson vied for the lead.

Another shuffle put Robert Welham in front, hanging on for the win with Pashley settling for third behind Deal, and ahead of Taylor.

In the Senior X30 class Rob Wheldon and Matthew Graham swapped the lead, Wheldon eventually falling out.

That let Piers Prior take the win from Graham and Nathan Herbert, as second over the line Harry Moore had a 10-seconds penalty added.