Allen overcomes problems in heats to take the victory

Ross Allen on his way to victory at Shenington on Sunday
Ross Allen on his way to victory at Shenington on Sunday

Ross Allen overcame engine problems in the first heat to come from sixth on the grid to win Shenington’s round of the Super 4 250 National championships.

The Edgehill driver gained no places off the start as James Hassall led the 17-strong pack away in Sunday’s final.

Allen picked off the five karts ahead one each lap at the Stratford hairpin, eventually slicing inside his team mate Hassall for the lead. Hassall and Aaron Powell kept in touch to the flag, blanketed by less than a second, with Paul Lawson a distant fourth. Ron Stamp spun at Café corner and was collected by Jack Love on the first lap.

The Honda Cadet final saw Joshua McLean show off his skills on the damp track.

Throwing off a challenge from Luke Watts he pulled out almost five seconds by the chequer. There was a good battle for third, Kean Berta falling from third to sixth, while Alex Mollov also succumbed to Lorenzo Kordal and Daryl Taylor.

Banbury novice driver Jack Stewart finished his race in 22nd and in the closing stages Taylor claimed the spot.

In the two-stroke Cadet class for 8-13 year-olds, the lead battle was much more intense.

Maximus Hall, Joe Sheppy and Luke Watts traded the lead, at times two and three abreast. Watts retrieved the lead over Hall on the penultimate lap and held on but was then penalised a lap for contravening flag signals, gifting the win to Hall.

In the Junior TKM Abbi Pulling pounced on Zak Oates at the Stratford hairpin and the pair pulled away from Joe Taylor and Connor Kearney without any further place changes. Zak Taylor made progress up to fifth but Dan McKeown retrieved the spot.

Junior X30 is another increasingly popular class with Banbury’s Jack Layton in the thick of the lead battle in an eight kart train.

Layton, Joshua Martin, Louie Shortk, Caden McQueen and Jonathan Robertson were all vying for the win. In the end Short managed to break away from the others for a superb win, McQueen second while Layton had to settle for fourth.

The TKM Extreme turned out to be a cracking race with plenty overtakes.

Ryan Green was soon taken by Sam Johns, then both of them by Josh Sherriff up from grid five. They all exchanged the lead position again throughout the race, joined by Colin Morris but finally Sherriff got in behind Green over the finish, and inherited the win when Green had a 10s penalty applied.

In the economy TKM Clubman class Shenington’s André Marot swept past Matt Cardwell in the early stages and kept him at bay. Suk Sandher held off James Cayzer and Chris Yates for third.