Best Hotel Chocolat advent calendars for 2021 - including milk, white, dark, truffles, pralines and liqueurs

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For many of us, one of the best things about the run up to Christmas is being able to open an advent calendar daily and enjoy a delicious little chocolate

That’s why, this year, Hotel Chocolat have created a whole range of advent calendars so we can really indulge our love of all kinds of chocolate.

Let’s be honest, 2021 hasn’t been an easy year so we all deserve to treat ourselves to a daily decadent chocolate - and Hotel Chocolat are known for providing some of the most luxurious chocolate on the market.

Chocolate advent calendars have been around since 1958 and since then they’ve become a mainstay of the festive season.

Whether you choose a calendar that’s full of classic solid chocolate shapes or decide to be more adventurous and have one that’s full of truffles and pralines, you can enjoy your daily chocolate a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or save it till the evening to enjoy after a long day.

For even more festive chocolate treats to tempt your tastebuds, take a look at the Cadbury Christmas chocolate range and also the special edition Quality Street tin.

Hotel Chocolat

Treat yourself to 24 decadent pralines, truffles, and liqueurs with this decedant advent calendar.

Whether you like dark, milk, or white chocolate, there’s an treat to delight every tastebud.

For those who like nutty flavours there’s a crunchy Florentine Isabelle, Peanut Butter, or creamy Hazelnut Praline. If fruity flavours are your thing, you may like the Mango Smoothie waiting for you, or if dessert-inspired nibbles are your favourite then treat yourself with the indulgence of Caramel Cheesecake.

Hotel Chocolat

The perfect choice for lovers of dark chocolate.

The chocolate is rich, and luxurious, and it’s been moulded in to the cutest festive figures - including enchanted spruces to frosty snowmen.

You’ll find a tasty Christmas surprise behind every door.

Hotel Chocolat’s house dark chocolate is always a minimum of 70% cocoa to make sure you get all the deep richness of the flavour.

It’s vegan friendly too, so it’s suitable for everyone.

Hotel Chocolat

This delightful advent calendar includes 24 penguins, Santas and snowmen in milk chocolate - including an oversized one for Christmas Eve.

Made of 40% milk chocolate, all of the characters are modelled on their larger jolly chocolate pals, sketched and sculpted by the Hotel Chocolat experts.

Each of the characters have been handmade to capture their adorable characteristics.

The question is will you be able to resist not opening the door each and every morning?

Hotel Chocolat

The ideal advent calendar for couples, siblings, best friends or house mates.

There will be no more fighting over who gets the chocolate every morning with this unique advent calendar which has been created especially for two.

Behind each door you’ll find two identical itty bitty truffles - two of the same so you can decide which ones are your joint favourite throughout December.

After you’ve popped open the door you’ll find a variety of our favourite truffles; Salted Caramel Cream, Gingerbread Praline, Madagascan Vanilla and Raspberry Rush to name just a few.

Hotel Chocolat

f you’re after something extra special this year, then look no further than this superior advent calendar.

Brimming with decadent chocolate slabs, batons and truffles, you’ll discover a new indulgent treat each day in the run-up to Christmas.

There are twin packs of truffles, festive chocolate slabs and Selector packs.

This advent calendar contains far more than just chocolate too. You’ll also find an array of tipples, beauty products, and maybe even a sachet of gorgeous creamy hot chocolate too

Hotel Chocolat

If you’re not sure which advent calendar is best for you, or which to buy as a present for someone else, than this milk chocolate one is the perfect way to go because, well, everyone likes milk chocolate.

The 40% milk chocolate is Hotel Chocolat’s signature milk blend as it captures a satisfying creaminess without sacrificing the decadent hit of cocoa.

From the first day of December, you can pop open a door a day to find a solid milk chocolate sculpture. There are reindeers, snowman and penguins

Hotel Chocolat

This white chocolate advent calendar is a good choice for those who are looking for something a little bit different.

Behind each door, you’ll find a suitably festive solid chocolate sculpture, from enchanted spruces to spruced-up penguins.

Enjoy a daily dose of heavenly white chocolate which isn’t like others you may have tasted, it’s sweet but not sugary sweet. The sweetness here comes from cocoa butter.

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