Best gifts for teenagers: technology to books, chocolate to activities - presents your teen actually wants

Everybody deserves a special present to unwrap on Christmas morning - but it can be tricky to know what to buy for teenagers
The best Christmas presents for teenagersThe best Christmas presents for teenagers
The best Christmas presents for teenagers

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They can be known for changing their mind about what they like at the drop of a hat, and take inspiration from social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

It can be made even more challenging by the age range; what a 13-year-old will like can be different to what an 18-year-old will like.

But, there are some gifts that all teenagers of all ages they are bound to love no matter what - from the latest tech to personalised presents, and food to jewellery.

Below are our top 15 present ideas for teenage boys and girls.

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If you know a teenager who’s permanently listening to their favourite music or podcasrs then this would be an ideal gift for them.

In a range of colours with bold block initial personalisations, this AirPods case is the perfect personal accessory for a tech loving teen.

Choose from different colour options; smooth pink, smooth grey, or leather effect black.

A standard AirPods case will fit neatly inside this case, but it’s also available in AirPods PRO sizing in grey, lavender, mustard and leather effect black.

This is a great gift option for a teenaged boy - particularly one who hasn’t necessarily found a hobby or passion.

Whether they love the outdoors, or prefer something more easy going, this is the gift designed to challenge, test, and help make memories to last for a lifetime.

This could be the present that helps them to discover the things they love the most.

The box contains 36 challenges which cover a wide range of activities, from ‘Make something surprising glow’ to ‘Learn to beatbox’.

All challenges have helpful hints or tips, too so the recipient can make of them what you want - but most of all they will have fun!

The box can be personalised with the name of the recipient by adding a name above the title ‘Teenage Challenges’.

The boys don’t get on the fun, of course. There’s also a challenge game for teenage girls.

Each colour co-ordinated challenge has been carefully hand picked by the creator. Some will make her think, some will encourage teamwork, and some will just make her giggle, but all will provide the opportunity to spend some time doing something fresh and new.

The challenges cover a wide range of activities, from ‘challenge friends to a bake off’ to ‘Make over your Mum’ - and all challenges have helpful hints or tips too so they can be guided on how best to complete them.

The box can be personalised with the name of the recipient by adding a name above the title ‘Teenage Challenges’.

These biscuits take their name from the cocoa plant — Theobroma cacao — which translates to “food of the gods”, hence the name.

A box of eight of these gorgeous chocolatey biscuits is perfect indulgent gift for the teenager you know who has a sweet tooth.

Just imagine a crisp, perfectly-baked biscuit base. Now, envisage it covered in luxurious chocolate and lavishly layered with a rich creme. That’s a chocolate pillow.

Each one comes in a ‘twin’ pillow design, so a snap turns each one into two perfectly sized bites. If you’re lucky, the recipient might give you one half.

A teen who is really in to their music will be extremely happy if they find these under the Christmas tree on December 25.

They’l enjoy the deep, powerful JBL bass sound, and can listen wirelessly by connecting to Bluetooth. Plus, they’ll be able to focus on all of their favourite songs without distraction, thanks to active noise-cancelling.

There are buttons on the earcup to skip tracks, adjust the volume, and even pick up calls.

The YA Book Prize 2021 Winner, this is the fourth novel from Alice Oseman.

This is a compelling story of asexuality which asks important questions about what love really means.

It’s a coming of age story which will have meaning for all teens.

This cute mini moonlight is a fantastic night light, ideal for a desk or a bedside table.

They could read by lamp light, and when they’re finished they can fall asleep to the moon’s glow.

It’s a lovely mood light and a great stocking filler.

Socks are a present that everyone will find under the tree at some point, but they don’t have to be boring.

The chocaholic teen that you know will love these fun novelty socks.

They are super soft and fluffy too, so they are ideal for putting on during the season when they want to get warm and cosy.

A wonderful stocking filler.

Available in lilac, capri blue, blush pink, charcoal or ice white, this camera is the best present for any teen who is a budding photographer and is always taking photos with their friends.

With a considered angular shape body and rounded, textured grips, this little gem is ready to shine wherever they go. The pictures develop instantly, meaning your teenager will be able to decorate their bedroom with images of their favourite memories. Great for encouraging creativity - without the perils of instagram.

Any teen will love this make-up mirror, whether they have have just started experimenting with their looks or had a clear idea of their style for years.

This illuminated mirror is different to others as it lights up automatically as a face approaches.

Its tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, allowing them to see full colour variation, so they’ll know when your makeup is right.

It also has a candlelight setting, so they can check their look in low light before they go out. The touch-control brightness gives them fast, intuitive control over a continuous range of brightness.

The mirror is cordless and rechargeable with included USB-C cord, and when it is charged one charge lasts up to five weeks.

They’ll really believe in magic with this beautiful Disney Pandora Moments bracelet.

Hand-finished in sterling silver, this style includes a heart-shaped clasp with Mickey Mouse’s silhouette on the front decorated with clear stones.

The polished back of the clasp includes an engraved outline of the character.

The ideal present for the diehard Disney fan.

You might have loved skating when you were a teen, and it seems that this trend has come back around again as teenagers are enjoying roller skating once again.

This particular pair have been designed by skating enthusiasts, so you know your teen will get everything they want from these skates.

They’ve been created with a vintage look, so they’ll be nostalgic for you and they can enjoy cruising around and pulling off their first roller disco figures.

They are well made, perfect for both beginners and experienced skaters and super comfortable.

Available in two colours, white (pictured) and black with multi-coloured wheels.

Wireless charging is the best way to charge smartphones because these devices can be used anytime, anywhere.

This one is a slick and stylish device and allows them to simply place a compatible device onto the pad and walk away.

It’s a quick and easy way to charge their phone so they can quickly get back to doing all the things they love.

There’s no need for them to remove any phone cases while charging, our wireless products can charge through plastic cases up to mm thick.

This chair is a fun, functional and stylish piece of furniture that all young gamers will adore.

The chair is mains powered and has two embedded speakers to provide a quality surround sound experience.

It connects to almost any device with an audio out – this includes PS4, PS3, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox360, televisions, MP3 players, smart phones and the like.

The chair comes with audio cable to allow it to be connected to the chosen device.

This personalised biscuits tin is ideal to surprise someone special with a tasty treat.

It has a chalkboard-style label that can be printed with a name and a message.

Gifts don’t come any more delicious then this. Inside they’ll find 150g of moreish shortbread fingers and 200g of tie top chocolate chip biscuits, perfect for nibbling on or dunking in a brew!

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