You will soon be able to buy Lindt pick and mix from Sainsbury's stores - these are all the locations

Are you a fan of Lindt chocolate? (Photo: Shutterstock)Are you a fan of Lindt chocolate? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Are you a fan of Lindt chocolate? (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Fans of Lindt chocolate will soon be able to tailor-make their own sweet selection as Sainsbury's is launching a new pick and mix stand in stores.

The Lindt stands will be up and running in 72 supermarkets across the UK by next month.

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Varied flavours

Following a successful trial in five stores earlier this year, Sainsbury’s confirmed it will introduce the pick and mix stands in more locations.

Sainsbury’s confirmed to The Sun that 67 more stands will open nationwide by 2 December, on top of the five trial stores.

The stand features a variety of Lindt Lindor chocolates, with photos shared on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains showing flavours including milk chocolate, orange, mint, dark chocolate, and strawberry and cream.

Other flavours also included caramel, hazelnut, coconut, white chocolate, sea salt and stracciatella Lindt.

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The chocolates are priced from £3 for eight Lindt balls, rising to £5 for 14 balls and £10 for 28 balls.

A 200g box of Lindt Lindor chocolates typically contains 16 pieces.

The pick and mix stands will be available at 72 Sainsbury's stores nationwide (Photo: Shutterstock)

Pick and mix locations

These are all the Sainsbury’s stores confirmed to be getting a Lindt pick and mix stand, and when it will open:

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Alton - 30-10-2019Archer Road - 18-11-2019Badger Farm - 30-10-2019Beaconsfield - 14-11-2019Blackhall - 14-11-2019Brentwood - 05-11-2019Brookwood - 21-11-2019Bury St Edmunds - 05-11-2019Camden - 05-11-2019Cameron Toll - 14-11-2019Castlepoint - 07-11-2019Charlton Riverside - 01-11-2019Chester - 14-11-2019Chichester - 19-11-2019Chiswick - 31-10-2019Christchurch - 18-11-2019Cromwell Road 14-11-2019Darnley - 13-11-2019Didcot - 15-11-2019Dome Roundabout - 13-11-2019Durham - 02-12-2019Edgware - 13-11-2019Ferndown - 18-11-2019Fulham Wharf - 31-10-2019Garthdee - 13-11-2019Glen Road - 14-11-2019Godalming - 07-11-2019Haywards Heath - 02-12-2019Hedgend - 08-11-2019Hendon - 31-10-2019Heyford Hill - 15-11-2019Horsham - 06-11-2019Hythe - 12-11-2019Locksbottom - 05-11-2019Maidstone - 12-11-2019Merton - 06-11-2019Milton Keynes - 01-11-2019Murrayfield - 04-11-2019Nantwich - 13-11-2019Nine Elms - 01-11-2019North Cheam - 21-11-2019Redhill - 06-11-2019Rugby - 14-11-2019Sevenoaks - 31-10-2019Shrewsbury - 14-11-2019Springfield - 18-11-2019St Albans - 01011-2019St Clares - 25-11-2019Straiton - 14-11-2019Sydenham - 14/11/2019Taplow - 01-11-2019Tewkesbury Road - 08-11-2019Thornhill - 18-11-2019Tonbridge - 31-10-2019Truro - 18-11-2019Urmston - 14-11-2019Wandsworth - 06-11-2019Wantage - 21-11-2019Warlingham - 05-11-2019Water Lane - 13-11-2019West Hove - 19-11-2019Whitley Bay - 18-11-2019Willmslow - 14-11-2019Winnersh - 06-11-2019Winterstoke Road - 25-11-2019Whitstable - 12-11-2019

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