You might not get as many varieties of Quality Street sweets in your tin this Christmas - here’s why

When a tin of Quality Street chocolates is opened, we’re typically drawn to our favourite flavours.

But recently customers have been voicing their fury about the absence of their preferred sweets from the assorted chocolate boxes, with the popular chocolate caramel brownie among the varieties reported missing.

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The company has now confirmed that some Quality Street sweets are in short supply, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesperson for Nestle has apologised for any "disappointment" and called for calm and understanding as consumers took to social media to tell of "devastated" children.

'My son is devastated'

Twitter user tinhead420 was one of the first to raise awareness of the scarcity of popular chocolates.

He tweeted, "Erm excuse me @QualityStreetUK i’ve just emptied a box on the table for the kids to choose what they’d like. WHERE are the chocolate caramel brownies?! My 8yr old son is devastated, explain yourselves."

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Other consumers have also blown the whistle on the disappearance of consumer favourites, with one user complaining that their tin had been overloaded with Orange Cremes.

Looking to quell growing unrest, Nestle released a statement explaining the issue.

A spokesperson said, "In order to keep Quality Street production going during the Covid-19 lockdown period, we made some temporary changes to the way we operated, such as running fewer lines for a time.

"While there was no change to the overall weight being sold, the range had been affected. As a result, some consumers may find that they do not have all 12 varieties of Quality Street sweets in their mix.

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"We apologise for any disappointment caused but hope consumers understand why it was necessary to make these changes during such unprecedented conditions."

The spokeswoman added that the full selection of chocolates had been incorporated into new boxes.

Which sweets are usually in a tin of Quality Street?

Tins of Quality Street typically consist of the following 12 sweets:

Caramel SwirlCoconut ÉclairFudgeGreen TriangleMilk Choc BlockOrange CremeOrange CrunchStrawberry DelightThe Purple OneToffee FingerToffee Penny

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