You can now stop Netflix from autoplaying trailers - here’s how

Netflix now lets you turn off the autoplay feature that shows you trailers for shows while you browse.

We’ve all been there, looking for something to watch with friends or a partner on a quiet night in, when we let the remote hover on a film for just a second too long.

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Bang! The trailer for the film starts playing at a deafening volume and you have to flick across to a different one just to make it shut up.

On and on you go, scrolling from film to film endlessly - no time to discuss whether you want to watch any of them - just to keep the autoplay trailers at bay.

But now the torment is over.

For years, people have complained to Netflix that this annoying feature is like spinning plates, and finally the company has relented.

Netflix customers can now disable the feature on their accounts, meaning that when they scroll through films, they can read the synopsis, check the cast, and play the trailer (if they actually want to).

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How to turn off autoplay previews

After asking Netflix for what feels like forever to disable this feature, Netflix has finally listened - this is how to turn off the autoplay preview feature:

- Sign into Netflix on a web browser- Select the “manage profiles” menu- Select the profile you’d like to update- Check or uncheck the option to autoplay previews while browsing on all devices

You can also turn off the autoplay next episode feature when you’re watching a series, if you’d like.

Just follow the previous steps and uncheck the option to autoplay the next episode in a series on all devices.

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Positive reaction

The autoplay feature has been one of the least popular for some time, with many users taking to social media to vent their righteous fury.

One user tweeted, “My entire kingdom for a way to turn off the autoplay while browsing Netflix”.

Responding, the streaming giant said, “Some people find this feature helpful. Others not so much.

“We’ve heard the feedback loud and clear - members can now control whether or not they see autoplay previews on Netflix”.

In response, hundreds of customers rejoiced at the news.

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— LaBanana Jones 🦖 🇺🇸 ⚜️ (@ladinosaurjones) February 6, 2020

f i n a l l y

— ✨ kf ✨ (@kf) February 6, 2020

No one found that feature helpful.

— NecroMomicon: The Reckoning (@JesKarakashian) February 6, 2020

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